We Were Born To Write

By Marcella S Meeks

I have always loved to write. As far back as I can remember writing has always come easy for me, in any form or fashion. I’d like to think I was born that way. Even if it wasn’t, writing always came naturally for me. From day one when I first started writing, I was honing my craft with every piece I’d written. It was about three and a half years into my writing career before I received an acceptance letter. Every rejection letter I received was a learning experience to some degree. “It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.– Ernest Hemingway.’

Sometimes, finding something to write about or something that moves me is tough, making the process of writing hard. Writers, both experienced and otherwise, go through dry periods and have trouble creating. A writer suffering from writers block is as real as a child with the chicken pox. Some writers are able to shake it a lot sooner than others.

When I am faced with finding something to write about or simply being stuck, search for quotes on my favorite subject, browse headlines in various magazines or read something interesting from the newspaper and turn it into a poem or short story. Sometimes I cheat by searching creative writing prompts online. It doesn’t matter as long s you are writing. I choose an interesting writing prompt and turn it into an article, short story or poem.

You were born to write – it is your calling. No one said you have to know how or know the rules. That is something you have to learn yourself. An infant doesn’t stay an infant very long. Toddlers no longer toddle at age six. They were born to learn and grow and that’s what they do.

So writers, let make use of our God-given talent that we were born with – nurture it, teach it and let it grow and write, write, write!

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