My Children Short Stories & Books

Jeremy & Lug
Smarty Pants For Kids

1) Christmas Angel Primary Treasure

2) Jesus Answers Jessica’s Prayers Primary Treasure

3) Mrs. Crabtree and the Mangy Dog Primary Treasure

4) Making Friends Primary Treasure

5) Journey To A New Home

6) Summer Vacation Primary Treasure

7 Surviving Hurricane Ike Primary Treasure

8) Cousins Are Forever Primary Treasure

9) Thanksgiving Day Blessings

10) Christopher and His Pet, Tank Primary Treasure

11) Birthday Disappointment Primary Treasure

12) Bella

13) Breaking Camp Rules

14) Emily’s First Day at Kindergarten

15) Everyone Is Not Honest

16) Fundraiser for Noah and His Family

17) Get Well, Grandma

18) God Created Man In His Image

19) Heart Voices

20) Isabella’s New Friend

21) Keeping Promises

22) Levy and Steven to the Rescue

23) Marcos Saves The Turtles

24) Mommy, Do I Have The Virus?

25) No Lying In This House

26) That’s Not Cool

27) Sarah’s New Friend at Church Camp

28) Where Are You, Shorty?

29) The Bridge People.

30) The Concession Stand Break In

31) Church is For Goody Girls

32) Nicolas Loves Dinosaurs

33) Eight Fuzzy Puppies

34) Jeremy, and Lug Smarty Pants Magazine

35) Clementine Was an Artist Smarty Pants Magazine

36) Three Stingy Little Pigs

37) Thumper Goes to the Big City