Bittersweet Morsels by Marcella Simmons

Marcella Simmons

It is a 100 page book of poignant poetry penned by Marcella Simmons of Logansport, Louisiana.

It is a beautiful 100 page book of poems, hardbound, gold stamped limited edition and is in a burgundy cover matching Julia Pleasants Creswell’s lovely books of poetry.

Though Marcella writes in the twenty-first century, her work compares with Julia she, too, has endured unimaginable pain having lost three children in tragic accidents within the past three years. She speaks from the heart. You will be right there with her. You will feel her pain and yet at times you will laugh with her as somehow she comes out the winner never giving in to the adversities of life.

This book can be reserved for $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Orders of ten or more copies will be billed charged $10.00 for shipping and postage. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Depending upon the date of your order it may arrive sooner. This limited edition may be ordered through:Ritz Publications
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Shreveport, Louisiana 71149